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Here is a background of me

I'm Ahmad   (Pronounced "Aw-mid"). Some people know me as Massih   (Pronounced "Ma-Sea" or "Ma-Seeh"). I am a software developer that recently graduated from McMaster University McMaster Logo with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have always been interested in various areas of study such as cryptography, web development, and big data. I am a self taught front-end web developer that is continuously looking for new opportunities whether it be in full time work or contract/freelance projects. I enjoy challenges and am constantly looking to learn new things. Outside of work, I like to play different sports such as basketball and tennis . I like to go outside my comfort zone and try new hobbies, sports, foods , or anything really.


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Frontend Engineer


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Jun 2023 - Present

  • Led the design and implementation of the frontend/UI for a SaaS product, utilizing Figma designs as a central repository for project assets. Implemented these assets and designs using Next.js (React), TypeScript, and various other tools.
  • Engineered and implemented middleware for seamless interaction with API endpoints responsible for CRUD operations, ensuring secure communication between the frontend and backend. These enhance- ments improved the efficiency of backend procedural calls, such as user login and verification.
  • Established automated CI/CD pipelines using tools such as GitHub Actions, automating testing and deployment upon code commits to minimize manual intervention.
  • Coordinated the setup of comprehensive testing environments, including unit and integration tests, utilizing the Jest testing framework. Additionally, implemented seamless end-to-end testing automation pipelines with Selenium, resulting in a 17.5% reduction in the average application response time.
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Coding Instructor

Code Ninjas

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Mar 2023 - Present

  • Customized Windows laptops for optimal functionality within the educational context, managing the activation and deactivation of specific OS features to align with user requirements.
  • Delivered comprehensive lessons on essential programming concepts, offering in-depth guidance on JavaScript, Python, and Unity, fostering a robust foundational understanding among students.
  • Facilitated student growth by identifying and resolving project errors, offering constructive feedback, and ensuring optimal learning center functionality through effective troubleshooting of technical issues.
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Web Developer

AL Concrete

May 2022 - Aug 2022

  • Took the lead in conceptualizing and executing the frontend/UI design for a concrete company's online presence. Managed design assets and guidelines, effectively implementing them to create a visually appealing website using React, complemented by a curated selection of packages and tools.
  • Implemented advanced SEO optimization techniques, resulting in a 30% increase in website traffic and user engagement. Utilized industry-standard tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to conduct in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis, leading to the successful implementation of a data-driven content strategy.
  • Established and managed the company's online presence, including the creation of a Google Business Profile and the implementation of various marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility.






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and more!


pathfinding project on different devices

Link To Project

Project 1 of 4: Pathfinding Visualizer

A beautiful pathfinding visualization web app that supports various pathfinding algorithms, maze generation algorithms, obstacles, weights, and more.

sorting project

Link To Project

Project 2 of 4: Sorting Visualizer

A beautiful sorting visualization web app that supports various sorting algorithms, animation speeds, array sizes, and more.

amazon project on different devices

Link To Project

Project 3 of 4: Amazon Clone


A simple mock amazon clone that allows simulates some of the experience found on amazon. This website allows user login, checkout (including payment processing), and more! Note your computer may give a security error because the website name includes "amazon" which is flagged by most web browsers

Netflix project on different devices

Link To Project

Project 4 of 4: Netflix Clone


A simple mock netflix clone that simulates some of the experiences found on netflix. This includes using an API to display movie recommendations, user account creation and login, user subscription, and more!


Feel free to ask me anything!